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With two published books, plus two additional manuscripts knocking on editor’s doors, Peggy moves ahead to grab children’s attention through the printed word. Her goal is to impact the lives of children and teens with messages that matter and address

Author and speaker Peggy House


One of Peggy’s greatest passions is sharing life stories with children. She travels widely with the characters in her books to present in schools, libraries, and reading festivals, engaging them at an instructional level.


Twenty-five years of experience in public education, has anchored Peggy’s school presentations in Michigan Content Standards. Students learn story elements, finding evidence, revision, writing attitude, characterization, and editing. Accompanying study guides come equipped with life lessons.


After you shared with our students, they wrote poems and we wanted to be sure to share these with you. We know that you are one of our friends that also believes that “Choices Matter!” Thank you for sharing in our learning. Take care until we connect again!

Karla Rupp Freeman Academy